Chaos at home after rare identical triplets born

Chaos at home after rare identical triplets born

The mother of rare identical triplet boys born 10 weeks early has said it is “just chaos at home”.

River remains at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, after being born in January at 29 weeks along with Beau and Leo, who are at home after intensive care.

Mother Lauren Mountain, 28, from Bewdley, admitted she was shocked and “a little bit nervous”, after she found out she was having identical triplets.

She added she was “so grateful” for the care staff had given.

They are the first children she and Jack Mountain, 29, have had together, with Beau and Leo able to go home last week.

The new mother said she found out at the end of the summer they would be triplets and there were not “any multiples in the family”.

She added: “We were a little bit nervous about what could happen, because I knew that it would be a really complicated pregnancy.

“Thankfully we’ve got a lot of support in family and friends so I…. turned it all round and realised it’s actually a really special thing that’s happened to us, so we have been embracing it.”

Asked about how rare her sons were, Mrs Mountain said: “There’s a lot of random numbers floating around, one in two million, one in two hundred million.

“I think it’s hard to tell because ours were naturally conceived… I think that sort of throws the number off us a little bit because IVF babies are a little bit more likely to be multiples.

“But we know of a few other identical triplet boys in the UK, so it’s quite interesting to see how they’ve grown up as well and chat to their mums.”

She said River was “really stable” now and “just needs a little bit more breathing support”.

Mrs Mountain added: “The other two are lovely babies. They’re really healthy, over nine pounds and growing by the day and doing what babies should be doing.

“So it’s just chaos at home now, as well as travelling back and forth to the hospital which is pretty tough.”

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said Beau and Leo had gone home and were “thriving together”.

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