Brown Clee Hill: Moses Christensen guilty of murdering walker

Brown Clee Hill: Moses Christensen guilty of murdering walker

A man who “roamed around” looking for someone to kill has been found guilty of a walker’s murder.

Richard Hall, 70, suffered numerous injuries when he was attacked by Moses Christensen on Brown Clee Hill in Shropshire last August.

Christensen, 22, denied murder by reason of diminished responsibility, arguing he had “lost touch with reality”.

Jurors found him guilty after three hours of deliberation.

He will be sentenced on 16 March.

The trial heard how Mr Hall, from Perton in south Staffordshire, had gone out walking alone at the beauty spot on the morning of 13 August.

Meanwhile, Christensen, of Corser Street in Stourbridge, was being sought by police after allegedly telling a relative he wanted to kill three of his former teachers.

Mr Hall suffered 26 injuries when Christensen attacked him with a combat-style knife. He had wounds to his neck and chest, as well as one which penetrated his skull.

Christensen was arrested after knocking on the door of a house and telling the woman inside he had committed a crime.

In interviews he told police his intention had been to “go out and kill or be killed” and foggy conditions on the hill when he crossed paths with Mr Hall provided a “good opportunity”.

However, his defence had argued Christensen was irrational, with a growing detachment from reality, saying there was no explanation for the crime other than his mental disorder.

Jurors had to decide if the killing was murder or manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and returned a unanimous murder verdict within three hours.

Mr Justice Pepperall delayed sentencing to allow for further psychiatric evidence to be presented, but told Christensen: “There is only one sentence that can be passed and that is a sentence of life imprisonment.”

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