Missing Wirral cat rescued from half-way down chimney

Missing Wirral cat rescued from half-way down chimney

A missing cat has been rescued through a hole in a bedroom wall after getting stuck half-way down a chimney.

The mischievous moggy, called Fluffy, fell down the flue after climbing on to the roof of a house in New Ferry, Wirral on Sunday.

Firefighters could not see the cat from either end of the chimney so decided to knock a brick out of a wall inside the property.

Fluffy’s owner completed the dramatic rescue by enticing him out of the hole.

The adventurous feline had been missing for five days before he was spotted on the roof of the house in Grove Square.

But when a neighbour used a ladder to try to rescue him from the roof, Fluffy fell down the chimney, said an RSPCA inspector.

Fluffy’s owner Tracey Baker said the cat “obviously got scared when someone went up to rescue him and he was stuck in the wall of the house”.

“It was so nice to get Fluffy back. I kept him in for a few days and hope he has learned his lesson so he won’t go too far again, I know he certainly missed his food,” she added.

RSPCA Inspector Helen Smith said a neighbour was able to describe the chimney system which helped identify where Fluffy was trapped.

“It really was a great team effort by everyone and it was so nice to see Fluffy happy to be reunited with a very relieved owner,” she said.

“He was a lucky cat after falling a long way, he could have hit his head or broken his legs.”

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