Alex Salmond claims Scotlands leadership has failed

Alex Salmond claims Scotlands leadership has failed

Alex Salmond has claimed that “Scotland’s leadership has failed” as he made his long-awaited appearance at a Scottish Parliament inquiry.

The former first minister has previously accused people close to his successor Nicola Sturgeon of plotting against him.

The inquiry is examining the Scottish government’s botched handling of sexual assault allegations against him.

Mr Salmond was cleared of 13 charges of sexual assault after a trial last year.

As he started his evidence session at the inquiry, he said no one had yet taken responsibility.

He said: “The failures of leadership are many and obvious but not a single person has taken responsibility, not a single resignation or sacking, not even admonition.

“The Scottish civil service has not failed, its leadership has. The Crown Office has not failed, its leadership has failed.

“Scotland hasn’t failed it, its leadership has failed.”

Mr Salmond also said he was “severely hampered” in what he could say during the session due to legal constraints, and the fact that some of his written evidence was redacted on the request of the Crown Office.

Ms Sturgeon has denied there was any conspiracy against Mr Salmond, and has said he is “relishing” the prospect of giving evidence to the committee next week.

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