Crispin Odey indecent assault case: Hedge fund boss groped like an octopus

Crispin Odey indecent assault case: Hedge fund boss groped like an octopus

Hedge fund manager Crispin Odey “was like an octopus” when he groped a young investment banker, a court has heard.

Mr Odey, now 62, is alleged to have assaulted the woman, who was in her 20s at the time, at his home in Chelsea, west London, in July 1998.

Hendon Magistrates’ Court heard he put his hand down the victim’s shirt and up her skirt following a work meeting.

Mr Odey, who denies indecent assault, rejects this version of events and says he merely propositioned the woman.

The complainant was working with Mr Odey at Odey Asset Management, the company he founded in 1991, when he invited her to his home on Swan Walk. She hoped going there “would further her career”, the court heard.

The court has been told Mr Odey ordered a Chinese takeaway, then showered and changed out of his suit into a robe before assaulting the investment banker in his kitchen.

The complainant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: “The first thing I remember was actually on my back.

“Then, it was like a scramble of hands, it was like a groping event, is the only way to describe it.

“The very first thing was the hand on my back, I can’t remember the exact sequence, I just remember the general attempt to get involved with my body and on top of me with his hands.

“I referred to it like an octopus experience.”

The woman said after this, she called her then-boyfriend in “an upset state”.

The complainant, who now lives in the US, previously told the court that the next day she informed three senior colleagues at Odey Asset Management of her ordeal.

She said she was told: “You will be fired… nothing will come of this. You will lose your job.”

The woman did not report the matter at the time but sent an email to Mr Odey in 2013 before telling police four years later.

The trial continues.

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