Luke Pollard: MPs Valentines tweet sparks homophobic abuse

Luke Pollard: MPs Valentines tweet sparks homophobic abuse

An MP received “vile, homophobic, disgusting” abuse after tweeting a Valentine’s message to his boyfriend.

On Sunday, Luke Pollard posted a photograph of them together but was faced with some “pretty awful things” in response.

There were homophobic comments in the replies to his tweet, as well as references to the age gap between Mr Pollard and his boyfriend.

The Labour MP said it was a reminder the fight for equality “is not yet up”.

“Quite a lot of people will find any reason to have a go,” said Mr Pollard from his home in Plymouth.

“Sydney is a few years younger than me, and, because he’s from Chinese heritage, he looks a few years younger than that as well.

“We’ve got an amazing relationship. We’ve been together for many years – he really is my rock,” Mr Pollard added.

The MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport said there was “no place” for the abuse he and his partner had received, adding that people should be “celebrating love regardless of what that couple looks like”.

“Regardless of sexuality, gender, age or background, it [Valentine’s Day] is a moment to celebrate that love that you have,” he said.

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