Appliances found dumped at the top of Eccles Pike

Appliances found dumped at the top of Eccles Pike

A woman said she was “shocked and surprised” to find two household appliances dumped at the top of a Derbyshire beauty spot.

The machines, thought to be two dryers, were found at Eccles Pike near Chapel-en-le-Frith on Friday morning.

Jane Inglefield said those responsible “must have been crazy” to make the journey in the snow and ice.

The machines were removed by High Peak Borough Council after Ms Inglefield posted photos online.

Ms Inglefield, who was dog-walking when she made the discovery, said: “I was shocked and surprised when I saw them but I didn’t hang around long because it was absolutely freezing.

“It is quite a trek to get up there. It’s quite steep and there’s a lot of snow and ice there at the moment so it’s slippy.

“They must have been crazy dragging them up there.”

Eccles Pike is 370m (1,210 ft) high and Ms Inglefield said she regularly visited the peak while walking up to 15 dogs a day.

She found the machines at about 09:20 GMT and sent photos via social media to a local councillor.

“From where you park your car it’s only five minutes straight to the top, but you wouldn’t normally go up there with a washing machine, or two,” she added.

“To have taken them up the hill I thought it must have been part of a bet or to make some kind of statement.

“It’s not the obvious place that you fly-tip something.”

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