Captain Sir Tom Moore: Family overwhelmed by public support

Captain Sir Tom Moore: Family overwhelmed by public support

Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family have been “overwhelmed” by public support since his death, his daughter has said.

The 100-year-old died at Bedford Hospital on 2 February, two days after being admitted with breathing problems.

In a statement on Twitter, Hannah Ingram-Moore said: “Captain Sir Tom was simply father, Tom and grandad to us. He was our world.”

Capt Sir Tom came to prominence as he raised £33m for NHS charities ahead of his 100th birthday.

Ms Ingram-Moore said: “We lived at home as an inter-generational family for over 13 years and although, like many, we weren’t perfect, we were perfectly happy.

“He was strong, kind, and full of humour and was the best mentor and confidant you could ever wish for.

“There is little pain that compares to losing someone you love and each one of us is feeling my father’s absence. Nothing can prepare you for that sudden wrench when their time comes to leave.”

She said: “It’s the little noises and habits of people close to you that suddenly become deafening in their absence.”

Ms Ingram-Moore added the support had been “overwhelming” and gave her hope her father’s “message of hope will live on”.

She said: “He held a place in so many people’s hearts and because of that we understand that we aren’t grieving alone. We want you to know we are with you.”

Last week, Ms Ingram-Moore’s sister, Lucy Teixeira, said the family were planning to hold a “quiet” funeral to celebrate his life.

No further details of the funeral arrangements have yet been announced.

Following Capt Sir Tom’s death, the Queen joined condolences and his memory was honoured with a national clap led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The total raised by Capt Sir Tom’s efforts reached £39m, after the addition of Gift Aid.

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