Covid: Couple on 60-mile lockdown trip rescued from hilltop

Covid: Couple on 60-mile lockdown trip rescued from hilltop

A couple on a 60-mile lockdown trip had to be rescued from the summit of one of Yorkshire’s three peaks.

The “ill-equipped” pair called for help after losing their way amid fog and snow on Ingleborough on Sunday afternoon.

Volunteer rescuers found the man and woman, from Rochdale, “cold and shaken” but otherwise unharmed, North Yorkshire Police said.

It said the pair’s actions were “not necessary and not acceptable”.

Supt Mike Walker said officers had been “run off their feet” as they dealt with “numerous out-of-area visitors” to the area.

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The couple were “incredibly fortunate” to have escaped without injury, Supt Walker said, who criticised their decision to make the journey.

He said the public was “clearly advised” to stay at home over the weekend and to “stay local” when taking exercise.

“Quite simply driving miles and miles, out of your village, town or city to visit an open space is not a necessary journey and is not acceptable,” he said.

“Neither is arriving at a challenging walking location, inexperienced and unprepared in treacherous weather conditions.”

Their “irresponsible and ill-informed decision” could have risked the safety of rescuers and placed further pressure upon the NHS, he said.

The force said officers issued more than 70 fines in the county over the weekend, including for several house parties in Scarborough.

North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan said “taking a day trip to North Yorkshire from elsewhere” was not a valid reason for travel.

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