Mansfield landslide: Families evacuated for second time in a year

Mansfield landslide: Families evacuated for second time in a year

Families who were evacuated after a second landslide at the same spot in just over a year have said they are now “terrified” of it happening again.

Four properties on Bank End Close in Mansfield were evacuated on Wednesday night following heavy rain.

The residents living on the housing estate, which sits on the site of a former quarry, returned to their homes the following day.

Mansfield District Council has asked them to “remain vigilant”.

Toby Herring, whose home backs on to the cliff wall, said: “It felt like a big gust of wind and our dog started barking.

“There were loads of sirens and police cars outside. We then thought it’s not happened again, has it?”

He added: “It’s really worrying. It’s terrifying.

“When we moved back on Christmas Eve it was hard to go back to sleep knowing it’s sort of still there.”

Another resident Jai Krishnaa said: “We thought it was fixed and it will be OK, so never thought of it as a worry.

“But to see it slip again – now I’m constantly thinking about it.”

The district council said the debris was cleared and were people given temporary accommodation before being allowed to return to their homes on Thursday.

A spokeswoman had said previously, soil had slipped at the rear of two properties, but this had been “contained within the defined drop zone and behind the barriers that were installed by the council in November 2019”.

Last November, another landslide led to 35 homes being evacuated at the same spot near the former Berry Hill Quarry.

Nobody was injured, but about 19 households spent two weeks in temporary accommodation.

An independent consultant concluded in August the site should not have been developed until the quarry face was secured.

Following repair work, the cliff wall was last inspected by the district council in early November and no issues were reported.

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