Tinsel drama for Dexter the dog saved by vet

Tinsel drama for Dexter the dog saved by vet

A dog has been saved by vets after eating 3ft (91cm) of tinsel pinched from its owners’ mantelpiece.

Dexter, a Great Dane cross, was taken to PDSA vets after the tinsel went missing and he started being sick.

X-rays confirmed the tinsel was in Dexter’s stomach, and hadn’t moved through to his intestines, which could have caused extra complications.

Vets operated on Dexter and pulled out the tinsel all in one piece and he was able to go home the same day.

Dexter’s owner, Paul Noakes, 56, from Margate, said his pet had a habit of eating things he shouldn’t.

“When he was younger he used to eat sofas and carpets, and two years ago at Christmas he ate tinsel.

“He wasn’t ill at all, and the first we knew was when it started coming out in pieces at both ends.”

This Christmas, Paul’s son, 15-year-old Mitch, noticed the tinsel which had been wrapped around ornaments on the mantelpiece, was missing.

The family was sure Dexter was the culprit but said they had no idea how Dexter had managed to avoid pulling over any of the ornaments.

Kate Milroy, vet team leader at PDSA Margate Pet Clinic, said: “Dexter needed to be taken straight in for emergency surgery. It was clearly causing a blockage and would be fatal if we didn’t remove it as soon as possible.

“I was very surprised when I managed to pull the tinsel out all in one piece.”

Mr Noakes said: “Dexter bounced back so quickly, and you can barely even see the scar.”

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