Mam Tor Christmas marriage proposal photographed by chance

Mam Tor Christmas marriage proposal photographed by chance

A marriage proposal at a Peak District beauty spot was captured by chance when a keen-eyed photographer spotted the special moment.

Naomi Watson had walked up Mam Tor to take photos on Christmas Eve, while Jake Albon had gone there to propose to his girlfriend Chantal Percival.

Naomi quickly started snapping when she saw Jake get down on one knee.

The couple, from Derby, only realised the photos existed when Naomi posted on Facebook in a bid to identify them.

Jake, 28, said it was “unreal” to discover the photos, after one of his friends tagged him in the Facebook post to say congratulations.

“It’s so nice that someone managed to capture it. It’s a great way to end such a strange year.

“We’ve spent more time than ever together this year, at work and at home, and it’s been incredible having Chan with me along the way. I really don’t know what I would have done without her.”

The couple have been together for two and a half years. They met through work as they are both teachers at the same school.

Chantal, 35, said the proposal was a “complete surprise”.

“It was freezing cold and Jake took me to Mam Tor because I like walking,” she said.

“Despite being with Jake the whole time throughout the lockdowns and difficult year we have had, I still said yes and I am very happy that I did.”

Jake managed to capture the proposal on video by pretending he was taking a selfie with his mobile phone.

“He managed to trick me by saying it was a photo, then I realised he had done the video,” said Chantal.

The couple plan to get married in 2022, and hope that the coronavirus pandemic will be over by then.

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