Peterlee kitten with no eyes reunited with brother

Peterlee kitten with no eyes reunited with brother

A kitten that lost its eyes after contracting cat flu has been reunited with its brother, the RSPCA has said.

The 14-week-old, which has been named Gabriel, is thought to be from a feral colony in Peterlee, County Durham, and was taken in by the animal charity.

It was the second kitten to be found with badly damaged eyes, and inspectors said they believe the two are related.

Both cats “instantly recognised” each other when they were reunited at a foster carer’s.

Gabriel, who is otherwise healthy, was taken in by RSPCA inspector Krissy Raine on Sunday.

Ms Raine said the reunion was “a very special and heart-warming moment”, adding: “It’s wonderful to think Gabriel would have something familiar in a different world.

“We named him Gabriel as he is an absolute angel and everyone who meets him adores him.”

Gabriel’s brother Arthur had been rescued by inspector Gemma Lynch in the same area of Peterlee several weeks before, and had to have one eye removed due to damage caused by cat flu.

Ms Raine said: “They are both with the same foster family now, they are such calm, caring and affectionate cats – such special little angels.

“Now that they are back together, Arthur can guide Gabriel through life.

“It is a Christmas miracle for Gabriel and Arthur – we’re just so pleased that they are together for Christmas Day, it is the perfect gift for them.”

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