Exeter road rage driver jailed for attack on shoppers

Exeter road rage driver jailed for attack on shoppers

A man who drove into two shoppers and a police officer in a fit of rage has been jailed for six-and-a-half years.

Damien Price’s victims were sent flying into the air when he hit them at speeds of up to 30mph in a supermarket car park in Exeter.

He pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm, attempting to cause grievous bodily harm and assault at Exeter Crown Court.

The judge said he had used his “car as a weapon”.

On March 12 at a Sainsbury’s in Pinhoe, 30-year-old Price lost his temper with a 63-year-old man after a minor stand-off and got out of his car to attack him.

He then got back into his car and reversed at the man and his wife.

She suffered a serious injury to the side of her body, which still causes her pain, and has been diagnosed with severe PTSD, the court heard.

Price, of Russet Avenue, Exeter, tried to escape the car park, but was blocked by shoppers.

While driving at high speed looking for a way out, Sgt Alex Howden stood in his path and raised a hand to try and stop him.

Price accelerated and drove at the officer, throwing him over the bonnet and leaving him with a broken leg.

He was still raging when arrested, the court heard, and bit a policeman on the shoulder twice.

Judge Peter Johnson also gave Price a 10-year driving ban after his release.

He described his reaction as “grossly disproportionate” and said he was at risk of “harming complete strangers and members of the public”.

Warren Robinson, defending, said Price suffered from a severe form of Asperger Syndrome that caused him to react irrationally to a stressful situation.

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