Cobra bite Isle of Wight charity worker returns home

Cobra bite Isle of Wight charity worker returns home

A charity worker has returned to the UK from India after being blinded and paralysed by a snakebite.

Ian Jones, from the Isle of Wight, was bitten by a cobra in a village near Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

His charity, Community Action Isle of Wight, said he has paralysis in his legs and remains completely blind.

A statement said “after a long and stressful journey” Mr Jones was currently quarantining at home before hopefully receiving further treatment.

“He is having to adjust to these new found circumstances which is proving both emotional and challenging.

“The charity, Ian and his family, have been completely overwhelmed by the support and generosity that people have shown towards his situation and would like to reiterate their upmost thanks to everyone concerned,” it added.

A crowdfunding appeal to help towards medical costs and Mr Jones’s repatriation has raised more than £19,000.

The former healthcare worker was running a charity-backed social enterprise aimed at helping craftspeople trade their way out of poverty.

He was bitten twice by a cobra, which could have proved fatal, in a warehouse he had made his living quarters.

Mr Jones has previously suffered from malaria, dengue fever and coronavirus while in India.

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