Man killed wife and daughter after losing influence over them

Man killed wife and daughter after losing influence over them

A man killed his wife and daughter in a jealous rage after “losing his controlling influence” over their lives, a court has heard.

Marcin Zdun, 40, is charged with the murder of Aneta Zdun, 40, and Nikoleta Zdun, 18, at their home in Wiltshire.

The women were found at a house in Wessex Road, Salisbury, on 1 June and pronounced dead at the scene.

Mr Zdun, who is standing trial at Winchester Crown Court, denies the murder charges.

Opening the prosecution, Nicholas Haggan QC said around a month before the women were killed, the defendant had tried to strangle his wife.

Mr Haggan said Mrs Zdun had told a colleague at Wessex Care, where she worked as a community support worker, that “she couldn’t breathe” and said “I was so blue”.

She told her friend the defendant had pushed their daughter against the kitchen cupboards when she had tried to intervene, the court heard.

Mr Haggan said: “Nikoleta wanted to call the police, but Aneta convinced her not to, saying she was fine.”

He said after the incident, Mr Zdun was asked to leave the family house and his wife sought a divorce.

The court heard that five days later, in an exchange on Facebook, Mrs Zdun’s daughter told her “she was worried that the defendant might kill her and (Nikoleta)”.

“She told her mother the defendant was, to use her word, a psycho,” Mr Haggan said.

“And she said Nikoleta was terrified of him.”

Mr Zdun told people his wife was having an affair with a man he worked with at Tesco, but this was a “manifestation of the defendant’s jealous suspicions”, the jury heard.

“Those jealous suspicions, coupled with the breakdown of the marriage, the defendant’s eviction from the family home, and the fact that his wife wanted a divorce, we suggest therefore the loss of his controlling influence over Aneta and Nikoleta so angered this defendant that at some point – he decided to kill them,” he said.

The trial continues.

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