Nottingham East Labour CLP chair suspended after Corbyn motion row

Nottingham East Labour CLP chair suspended after Corbyn motion row

The chair of a Labour group has been suspended after a motion at an online meeting described as “clearly out of order” by the area’s MP was passed.

The Nottingham East CLP broke party rules with a motion calling for the restoration of the whip to Jeremy Corbyn, the BBC understands.

MP Nadia Whittome said she objected and the “atmosphere and tone” led to a Jewish member leaving Friday’s meeting.

The Labour Party said it took “all complaints seriously”.

The BBC has contacted Louise Regan, the suspended chair, for comment.

The party is also believed to be looking into an allegation a man who took part in the meeting had verbally abused a Jewish party member.

Former Labour leader Mr Corbyn was readmitted as a party member last week, after a short suspension for his reaction to a report into anti-Semitism in Labour.

But his successor Sir Keir Starmer has refused to let him sit as a Labour MP.

He said his predecessor’s remarks had “undermined trust” in the party within the Jewish community.

In a statement posted after the Friday evening meeting Ms Whittome said: “I am disappointed that a motion that was clearly out of order made its way on to the agenda.

“I take the EHRC report into Labour anti-Semitism very seriously, as should all our members, given the pain caused to Jewish communities and that the report found the Labour Party to have broken the law.”

She added she objected to the motion, but was overruled by the chair.

She also said the “atmosphere and tone”, which led to a Jewish party member feeling “they had no choice but to leave”, was “wholly unacceptable”.

The motion, seen by the BBC, called for, among other things, the “immediate restoration of the whip to Jeremy Corbyn” and said rules banning debate of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report were “out of order”.

Mr Corbyn was briefly suspended after the EHRC report, which found Labour responsible for “unlawful” harassment and discrimination during his leadership.

He has still not had the whip restored to him, leading to divisions within the party.

Labour rules say CLPs are not “competent” to discuss ongoing individual disciplinary matters.

A spokesperson confirmed Ms Regan had been suspended.

They added: “The Labour Party takes all complaints seriously and they are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures and any appropriate action is taken.”

Ms Regan has not yet responded to a request from the BBC for comment.

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