Jack Whitehall dwarf routine complaints upheld

Jack Whitehall dwarf routine complaints upheld

The BBC has upheld two complaints from viewers objecting to a recent routine by comedian Jack Whitehall, about the time he met a dwarf at a pop concert.

The offending bit featured in his Live at the Apollo set on BBC Two.

The corporation’s board of content concluded on Thursday that the material will not be re-broadcast.

They noted that while Whitehall was allowed to exaggerate stereotypes “for comic effect,” it was not OK “to take a stereotypical view of dwarfism itself”.

In doing so, the stand-up took the routine “beyond the expectations of audiences in relation to material of this kind,” they added, in a statement online.

However, the board said the 32-year-old’s fans will have acknowledged that his “self-deprecating style of comedy” was primarily intended “to show up his own inadequacies and failings”.

Aside from his stand-up shows, Whitehall has recently hosted the Brit Awards on several occasion.

He is perhaps best known for starring as JP in the series Fresh Meat; and as Alfie Wickers in the Bad Education TV and film series; as well appearing alongside his real life dad Michael, in Travels with My Father.

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