Artistic Bristol couple use window to display work

Artistic Bristol couple use window to display work

An artistic couple who normally sell their illustrations at Christmas markets have turned their front window into an art gallery this year.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Robin and Emma-Jane Richards have displayed their work in their front window in Bedminster, Bristol.

Mr Richards said: “We live on a main road and all the markets have been closed due to Covid.”

He hopes that if drivers are stuck in traffic it will “brighten their day”.

The couple used old cardboard to create their gallery, along with some fairy lights.

The prints on display depict illustrations of Bristol landmarks and events, such as the annual Balloon Fiesta.

Mr Richards said: “Normally we would be out at Christmas markets, local markets, that sort of thing.

“This year they’ve all been cancelled so we decided to use our front window as our main display area.”

Mrs Richards added the reaction to the gallery has been “really positive”.

“I think people enjoy seeing something bright and colourful, especially because it’s winter and it’s a bit dreary and miserable,” she said.

“We’re just hoping that being a busy road, people will be stuck in traffic and it might brighten up their day.”

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