Covid: Fifteen arrests at Liverpool anti-lockdown protest

Covid: Fifteen arrests at Liverpool anti-lockdown protest

Fifteen people have been arrested during an anti-lockdown protest in Liverpool city centre.

Hundreds of demonstrators have gathered for rallies over the past two weekends since the second national lockdown started on 5 November.

Merseyside Police said those detained were being held on suspicion of breaching public order and coronavirus rules.

The force has implemented a dispersal zone in the city centre until Sunday.

Officers will have the power to ask people suspected of anti-social behaviour to leave the area and not return for up to 48 hours.

Under legislation, they will also have the power to seize any related items, including vehicles.

Ch Supt Ngaire Waine said: “We all want to get back to normality as soon as possible, but the actions of those people who gathered in Liverpool today risk delaying that return and prolonging the suffering of so many.”

More than 140,000 people in Liverpool have taken part in the country’s first city-wide mass testing pilot, which started on 6 November.

The city had one of the highest rates of coronavirus infections and deaths in October, when it became the first area in England to face the highest tier restrictions.

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