Walking Dead artist draws Covid-19 health messages for Shropshire

Walking Dead artist draws Covid-19 health messages for Shropshire

The comic book artist behind The Walking Dead series has drawn new Zombie-themed illustrations to help combat Covid-19.

Charlie Adlard, from Shrewsbury, worked with Shropshire Council to create the public health messages.

The images urge residents to wash their hands and get tested and show a Zombie pursuing a man reminding people to socially distance.

He said he hoped it would encourage “everyone to do their bit”.

The images are being used on social media posts by Shropshire Council to encourage good practice during lockdown.

Mr Adlard has drawn for comics Judge Dredd, X-Files and Savage, butr is best known as the illustrator of The Walking Dead.

He has illustrated almost 200 issues of the series about a group of zombie apocalypse survivors over 15 years and saw it turned into a hit TV show in 2010.

In 2019 he said he was finished with zombies after the series came to a sudden end.

But during the first lockdown he returned to his creations one more time for a one-off Negan Lives comic, which was only available in comic shops, with 100% of the profits going to help keep them going.

He said the local arts scene – theatres, music venues, festivals and museums – had all been badly affected by the pandemic.

“Our sector makes a huge contribution to Shropshire’s economy, quality of life and communities.

“We need to come back strongly in the future. Lots of local venues have received financial support, but in order to survive we need to see people back enjoying everything Shropshire has to offer.

“To do that, we need everyone to do their bit and follow the measures designed to keep everyone safe.”

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