Manchester Uni vice-chancellor apologises over racial profiling incident

Manchester Uni vice-chancellor apologises over racial profiling incident

A university leader has apologised to a student who was allegedly “racially profiled” on campus by security officers.

But Manchester University’s vice chancellor said she could not “commit” to meeting 19-year-old Zac Adan, due to an ongoing inquiry.

Footage posted online showed Mr Adan held up against a wall at Fallowfield halls of residence.

He said he was accused of “looking like a drug dealer” by staff.

Dame Nancy Rothwell told BBC Newsnight she had written to Mr Adan and apologised but could not meet him “because that could influence the investigation”.

The security staff have been suspended and an inquiry is ongoing, she said.

Mr Adan, a first year French and Linguistics student at the university, previously said he had been left “traumatised” after being stopped.

Returning to his halls of residence after visiting a local shop, he had been asked to present his identification and “the next thing I know I was being pinned up against the wall”, he said.

Mr Adan said: “There was no conversation. They just pinned me up against the wall and said I looked like a drug dealer. Why? Because I am black and wearing a hoodie?”

Dame Nancy said: “I was very, very concerned by it, I’ve apologised to the student for the distress that he felt.

“I immediately suspended the staff and there is now an investigation ongoing.”

Mr Adan, who moved to the UK from Italy a few years ago, said earlier this week that he wanted to talk to university leaders about the incident.

Dame Nancy said she would “consider” meeting Mr Adan in person but did not want to “influence the investigation”, adding: “Just as I won’t meet with the security staff either. He has met with several of our staff.”

Mr Adan had also been offered counselling, she said.

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