Closure order for Wood Green gym owner fined £77,000

Closure order for Wood Green gym owner fined £77,000

A gym owner who has amassed £77,000 in fines for refusing to close during England’s second national lockdown has now been issued with a closure order.

Andreas Michli, 34, finally shut the doors to his gym last Wednesday after police prevented customers entering.

Haringey Council took Mr Michli to court to ensure the Zone Gym, in Wood Green, north London, remains closed until 2 December.

Anyone caught using it could now face prosecution.

A spokeswoman for Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court said Zone Gym had been ordered “to close immediately and remain shut for 15 days as of Tuesday”.

Mr Michli also faces court costs of £9,000.

Haringey Council’s leader, Joseph Ejiofor, said Mr Michli had “unfortunately decided to remain open despite repeated warnings”.

He added: “I understand why the owner felt passionately about staying open, but the law is the law and it applies to everyone.

“It is not right for every other non-essential business, having had to close its doors and make a huge sacrifice, to then see another business remain open.

“Our enforcement officers did everything in their power from the very start to communicate with the owner of Zone Gym.

“That included engaging, explaining and encouraging regarding the legislation that has been put in place.

Last week Mr Michli said police arrived at his business on Wednesday evening and stopped gym-goers entering.

“The police were manned outside the gates and they were rotating shifts every two hours,” he said.

“A few people managed to climb over walls and shift through little gaps to get in, but it was pretty much empty.

“It was a bit of a pointless thing to do, keeping the gym open while it was basically empty.”

The BBC has approached him for comment about the court order.

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