Government to invest £4bn to create 250,000 new green jobs

Government to invest £4bn to create 250,000 new green jobs

The government is to invest £4bn in creating 250,000 new green jobs as part of its plan to hit net zero emissions.

It also aims to equip a generation of workers with new green skills.

The government will release its long-awaited 10-point plan for the UK to become carbon neutral later on Tuesday.

It will emphasise the potential new jobs that the so-called green industrial revolution will bring to regions that have suffered industrial decline.

The BBC can confirm that technology to capture and store carbon created in industrial processes will receive substantial government investment.

The plan will also include investment in offshore wind as already announced buy the prime minister at the Conservative Party conference.

Residential heating is one of the biggest emitters of carbon and there will be government grants towards making homes more energy efficient – which again it hopes will create thousands of new jobs.

It is thought the final plan will also include investments in hydrogen power and there may be a commitment to new nuclear energy.

The figure of £4bn will be considered by many as a small down-payment on a transformation that the Committee on Climate Changes estimates will cost £1 trillion over the next 30 years.

The full 10-point plan will be published tonight at 22:30 ahead of a press conference and round table with key stakeholders on Wednesday.

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