Chris Bamfield: Search for missing windsurfer called off

Chris Bamfield: Search for missing windsurfer called off

The search for a windsurfer who has been missing for more than two days has been called off.

Chris Bamfield, 65, was last seen at Hunstanton, Norfolk, just before 14:00 GMT on Saturday.

Norfolk Police said Mr Bamfield’s windsurfing sail and board have since been found.

Temp Supt Lou Provart said: “It is tragically most likely that Mr Bamfield has at some point got into difficulty in the water.”

Police said CCTV showed Mr Bamfield parking his car near Hunstanton Sailing Club, and walking towards the beach carrying windsurfing equipment.

His car was later found where it had been left, still locked, while members of the public witnessed a windsurfer matching Mr Bamfield’s description in the sea at Hunstanton that afternoon, the force said.

A red and white sail and a windsurfing board were later found off the coast and have been identified as his.

Mr Bamfield, from Middleton, had recently retired from King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council, where he had worked for 29 years.

His family had earlier described him as a “fighter” who had been windsurfing for 40 years.

Temp Supt Provart said: “We are all aware of the unpredictable nature of the sea, and it’s likely that Mr Bamfield would have been exposed to the poor weather on Saturday while windsurfing.”

She added: “This is obviously a very distressing time for Chris’s family, who we have been in regular contact with throughout the investigation, and we thank them for their cooperation and patience during the investigations of the emergency, and search and rescue services.”

Dedicated search teams, including dog units, HM Coastguard boats and helicopters, RNLI lifeboats and Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue (NLSR) had been involved in the search over the weekend and throughout Monday.

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