Stricken seal pup rescued from Albert Dock steps

Stricken seal pup rescued from Albert Dock steps

An injured seal pup is recovering after being found in distress on steps at Liverpool’s Albert Dock.

The mammal, which had wounds on its flippers and under its chin, is thought to have been hurt after hitting rocks.

Wendy Burrows of the RSPCA said the seal, which weighs about 32 kg (70 lbs), was in a good condition and expected to be retuned to the wild.

Named Swede, it is being cared for at Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Nantwich, Cheshire.

The male, found on 4 November, is said to eat about three kilograms of mackerel or herring every day and has been “socialising” with other seals at the centre, the RSPCA said.

“Their rehabilitation takes a long time as we need to be sure they are the right weight and they can compete for food and socialise with others,” Ms Burrows said.

“He will probably stay for about 30 days until he is ready to be returned to the wild.”

The RSPCA advises people not to approach seal pups as they “can have a nasty bite”.

The charity said it was not unusual to see pups by themselves and often their mother will be nearby in the water close by.

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