Bristol WWII evacuee reunited with ID bracelet found near Bath

Bristol WWII evacuee reunited with ID bracelet found near Bath

A World War Two evacuee has been reunited with a bracelet she was given as she left her home to live with her grandparents.

Ann Miles, now 82, lost her bracelet near Bath, where it was found by Marcus Miller with a metal detector.

Mrs Miles, from Coney Hill in Gloucester, has been put in touch with Mr Miller by BBC Radio Bristol after an appeal to find her.

She said she “can’t wait” to see the bracelet again.

The silver evacuee bracelet was given to Mrs Miles – then Ann Crouch – as she was evacuated from Bristol to her grandparent’s farm in Upton Cheyney in 1940.

At just a year old, she stayed there with her mother until she was four when they returned home to Cottrell Road.

Mrs Miles found out about the bracelet when her cousin sent her a picture published on the radio station’s Facebook page saying “it must be her”.

“It’s such a shock that somebody could even find it,” she said.

“I just can’t thank Marcus enough. I’m just astounded.”

Mrs Miles said the bracelet will bring back memories, good and bad, of special times with her family on the farm during the war.

“I would have been about 18-months-old I think. I can remember somebody putting something on my wrist and adjusting it and saying ‘oh well, she won’t lose that, will she’,” she said.

“I just wish mum and dad were still here to say ‘it’s not lost anymore’.”

Mr Miller only took up metal detecting around six months ago.

He said he has found “all kinds of things”, but this is the find that “has pulled the heart strings the most”.

“I was just about to go home when I came across the little ID bracelet… with an ID evacuation number, ” Mr Miller said.

“I knew it was something a little bit special and then I thought, yeah, lets get this back to the family or whoever owned it.

“It’s been quite an emotional week. It beats a Roman coin any day.”

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