Michael Molloy: Roads minister confirms old tyre ban law

Michael Molloy: Roads minister confirms old tyre ban law

A new law banning old bus and lorry tyres from roads is to come into force from 1 February, the government said.

Roads Minister Baroness Vere confirmed the change to Maria Eagle MP whose constituent fought to change the law after her son was killed in a crash.

Frances Molloy’s son Michael, 18, died in 2012 after a 19-year-old tyre blew out on a coach he was in.

Mrs Molloy tweeted that she had campaigned to make sure such deaths will “never happen again.”

She added: “As for me, I will forever remain a heartbroken mum.”

The latest announcement came in a letter dated 29 October to Ms Eagle, the Labour MP for Garston and Halewood.

The baroness said tyres aged more than 10 years would be banned from the front steering axles of goods vehicles more than 3.5 tonnes, buses and coaches and also to minibuses unless the axle had twin tyres.

Michael, fellow passenger Kerry Ogden and coach driver Colin Daulby died in the crash on the A3 in Surrey as they travelled back the North West from the Bestival music festival on the Isle of Wight on 10 September 2012.

Baroness Vere said new road safety measure results from the “tragic” deaths of “Michael, Kerry and Colin”.

She told the MP: “I congratulate your commitment to this cause and the tireless efforts of Mrs Molloy and Tyred campaign to bring about this change.”

Ms Eagle said she was “really pleased” at the news, adding, “This is in large part due to the fantastic campaigning effort of Frances Molloy.”

The MP also said: “Hopefully, the new regulations will improve safety on our roads and prevent such catastrophic tyre failures, caused simply by deterioration due to age, leading to more deaths and serious injuries in the future.”

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