South Yorkshire flood review calls for better insurance support

South Yorkshire flood review calls for better insurance support

An independent review into flooding in South Yorkshire a year ago has called for better access to insurance.

More than 750 properties were flooded in the Doncaster area following heavy rainfall in November 2019.

The review found some people did not have policies that included cover for flooding.

The report’s author Amanda Blanc said that residents should be helped to get flood reinsurance if insurers declined to provide flood cover.

Ms Blanc, the former chairwoman of the Association of British Insurers, also highlighted issues over insurance help for people needing to recover from having been flooded.

She called for local authorities to give guidance to tenants on the range of risks they would face in the event of a flood and for legislation to force landlords to have insurance that would cover renters in case they were forced out of their home for an extended period.

The report found 97% of owner-occupiers had at least one of buildings or contents insurance, with 95% having both. However, about 6% (25 homes) did not have flood cover included in their policy.

“I was concerned to discover that although the majority of Doncaster residents had sensibly protected themselves with insurance, some of these policyholders had been sold cover which specifically excluded flood risk,” said Ms Blanc.

“In an area of such high flood concern like Doncaster, it was disappointing to find this essential insurance peril had been omitted for some.

“The impact of flooding for people already living in less fortunate situations can be even more profound. With the risk of flooding in the UK increasing, it is vital that we do all we can to help those most at risk to get the support they need.”

The government said it would consider all the recommendations in the review and respond in due course.

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