Northampton Superdrug badger sheltering from storm gets blue plaque

Northampton Superdrug badger sheltering from storm gets blue plaque

A badger that fell through the ceiling of a Superdrug store while sheltering from a storm has got its own blue plaque to commemorate the misadventure.

Now named Baffle, the female toppled into Northampton’s Grosvenor Centre during Storm Ciara, in February.

She was rescued unharmed from beneath the perfume counter and released to a safe place in the wild.

A plaque and artwork featuring badgers has now been unveiled at the centre.

Baffle surprised staff when she tumbled to the floor of the store on 9 February, after falling through the ceiling while taking refuge in an overhead ventilator shaft.

The store then had to be shut because of a “visiting badger” which “snuck in through a ventilation shaft to take shelter from Storm Ciara,” a Superdrug spokeswoman said at the time.

Storm Ciara swept across the UK that day, bringing strong winds and rain.

Staff reported seeing Baffle “fall through the ceiling” and hit the floor, before trundling off “a bit dazed”.

The Northamptonshire Badger Group was called to the rescue and subsequently set the animal free.

The Grosvenor Shopping Centre said Baffle “caused a national media storm of her own”, and working with BBC Northampton a plaque has been created commemorating the moment.

A walkway in the centre has also been temporarily renamed Badger Street alongside some “Banksy-style badger art adorning the wall close by”.

Centre manager James Roberts, said: “To say that it was a surreal old day when she entered our lives is an understatement.

“However, the speed at which the news travelled the country – and the incredible response from the public – was beyond anything we could ever have imagined but it was right there in black and white – everyone loves Baffle.”

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