Vytautas Kiminius: Peterborough killer driver hands himself in

Vytautas Kiminius: Peterborough killer driver hands himself in

A man who fled the UK after being convicted of killing a veterinary nurse in a head-on crash has handed himself in to police.

Vytautas Kiminius, 35, cut a corner on a blind bend near Peterborough in 2018 and was found guilty of causing Rachel Radwell’s death by dangerous driving.

He was jailed in his absence in May having fled shortly after the trial.

He handed himself to a Peterborough police station in the early hours, the Cambridgeshire force said.

Ms Radwell’s family said they were “extremely relieved and pleased to hear that Kiminius has been found”.

That he had fled the country with his family was only made public earlier this month, after the BBC successfully applied for reporting restrictions to be lifted.

During his sentencing hearing, Peterborough Crown Court heard Kiminius was “taking what you might call the racing line around bends” in his Range Rover on the B1095.

The court was told Ms Radwell was driving her Ford Fiesta in the opposite direction, “properly in her lane”, but Kiminius’s vehicle crashed into hers head on.

Kiminius claimed “he had swerved to avoid an animal” but was found guilty and released on bail ahead of sentencing.

He was sentenced to four years and six months in jail.

It is believed he recently returned to the UK to serve the jail term.

Sgt Mark Dollard said: “We worked tirelessly with other agencies to track him down and following various news stories a number of new leads from the public were followed.

“I am in no doubt Kiminius felt this pressure and handed himself in.”

Ms Radwell’s family said: “It means we can finally try to move forward and remember all the positive and wonderful things about Rachel instead of dwelling on the accident. Justice will finally be served for us as a family.”

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