Hornby: Model train maker steams ahead in lockdown

Hornby: Model train maker steams ahead in lockdown

Model railway maker Hornby has seen its sales surge by 33% in the six months to the end of September, as more people took up hobbies in lockdown.

The firm, which also makes Corgi cars and Scalextric racing kits, said it had benefitted from families spending more time at home.

Not along ago, Hornby was struggling to make a profit as it encountered big problems with suppliers.

Boss Lyndon Davies hailed the results in a “time of adversity”.

“We have observed hitherto successful and profitable companies worldwide crumbling under the pressure [of the pandemic], with losses, closures and tumbling share values.

“Yet we have not only weathered this shattering storm, our sales have increased by 33% in the first half of 2020, moving Hornby back into profitability.”

He said the firm entered the year with “no idea” how the business would be impacted by the pandemic.

All of the firm’s offices had to close at various points, and it lost several weeks of shipments due to supply chain issues.

Despite this, sales climbed to £21.1m in the period from £15.9m last year. That’s given Hornby a net profit of £200,000, turning around a £2.5m loss in 2019.

The company said it had seen a big increase in online sales and had benefitted from customers dealing with the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic.

“Past experience tells us that during periods of crisis people often turn inwards, finding comfort from things they know and love,” said Mr Davies.

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