Gedling council investigates naked woman shower poster

Gedling council investigates naked woman shower poster

A life-sized poster of a naked woman showering, put up on a main road, has prompted a council investigation.

The picture was put on the side of a bathroom store on Arnot Hill Road in Arnold, Nottinghamshire, two weeks ago.

Gedling Borough Council said it had received a complaint about the poster and had reported it to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

But the owner of the shop, Sam Collins, said the image was no worse than what could be seen on TV or social media.

Mr Collins said the poster was “quite harmless fun”.

“It’s just a lady taking a shower,” he said. “There’s nothing rude and she’s not really baring anything.

“Seeing how stressful life is at the moment, we thought people could laugh and smile about it.”

He said the council had asked him to take it down while the planning team looked into it but he hoped to leave it up.

However, some Arnold shoppers felt the image was not in good taste.

Elizabeth Clarke, 51, said: “That’s just not appropriate. I suppose you can’t see anything but there’s kids walking past.

“Teenagers have enough to deal with with body image as it is.”

Nicole Linford, who works in the women’s-only Body-Tone gym on the same road, said people had complained to gym staff after wrongly assuming it was their advert.

She said: “They didn’t have much positive to say about it. It’s been controversial.

“I’m not offended by it… but I wouldn’t choose it myself, and I can understand why people might not want it.”

However, others said they were not offended.

Jacqualyn Lee, 76, said: “It’s a show-stopper isn’t it?

“I can just see people driving past not looking at the lights. But it doesn’t offend me – I just wish I looked like that.”

A spokesman for the council confirmed it had received a complaint about the board and its planning team was investigating.

A spokesman for the ASA said it was assessing the poster, and if it was found to have broken rules it could ask for it to be taken down.

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