Deep-diving whale dies after swimming up river

Deep-diving whale dies after swimming up river

A 6.5m (21ft) long whale has died after swimming up the Clyde and into a tributary of the river near Glasgow Airport.

The northern bottlenose whale would usually be found in the Atlantic where it hunts squid in deep-water canyons.

Volunteers from British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) tried to save the animal on Monday before it died.

Scientists from Inverness-based Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme are to examine the whale.

The scheme’s Dr Andrew Brownlow said BDMLR made “sterling efforts” to save the whale.

He said to find the deep-diving species so far inland was incredible. The location of the stranding is within the security boundary of the airport.

One theory as to how it ended up so far inland is that it may have mistaken a dredged shipping channel in the Clyde for a canyon.

The whales are capable of diving to depths of more than 1,400m (4,593ft) to find their prey.

The Glasgow stranding is the fourth this month involving northern bottlenose whales.

Two died after stranding on shores of the Firth of Clyde and another in the Western Isles.

One of the whales found in the Clyde had previously been seen in Gare Loch and was part of a pod rescuers attempted to “herd” to deeper water.

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