Capt Sir Tom Moores birthday cards on display at Duxford

Capt Sir Tom Moores birthday cards on display at Duxford

One hundred birthday cards sent to Captain Sir Tom Moore have gone on display at a museum.

The World War Two veteran received more than 150,000 cards from well wishers impressed with his feat of walking 100 laps of his Bedfordshire garden before his 100th birthday.

Capt Sir Tom, who raised £33m for the NHS, has given 100 of the cards to Imperial War Museum (IWM) Duxford.

He has also recorded a video message to be screened alongside them.

In the video, Capt Sir Tom, honorary patron of the IWM, expresses appreciation for the cards he received.

The museum in Cambridgeshire is also home to a permanent exhibition, called The Forgotten War, about the Burma campaign, in which Capt Sir Tom served.

Capt Sir Tom’s daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore said the family “would like to once again thank all those who took the time to write all the wonderful cards and messages we received”.

She said the Burma campaign was “an often overlooked aspect of the Second World War”.

IWM curator Sean Rehling said: “When talking about the Second World War, the Burma campaign is an aspect which barely features in our public consciousness.

“The unforgiving terrain and oppressive heat meant that it was a particularly brutal theatre of war where disease and malnutrition were rife.”

Volunteers had to be brought in to open more than 150,000 cards sent to Capt Sir Tom for his birthday on 30 April.

Earlier this year, the cards were put on show at Bedford School, where his grandson, Benjie Ingram-Moore, attends.

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