Milton Keynes murder: Chainmail-wearing killer found guilty

Milton Keynes murder: Chainmail-wearing killer found guilty

A drug dealer who wore a chainmail vest to protect himself has been found guilty of murdering a rival.

Lee Sopp, 25, stabbed Mohamud Hashi, 22, with what prosecutors called a “fearsome” Rider Stacked Bowie knife in Milton Keynes on 11 December.

Luton Crown Court heard Sopp wanted to warn off Mr Hashi from dealing drugs in what he regarded as his “area” and killed him “to protect his turf”.

Sopp, of Daniels Welch, Coffee Hall, will be sentenced on Thursday.

Prosecutor Stuart Trimmer QC told the trial Sopp, who had admitted manslaughter but denied murder, was a drug dealer who operated on the streets of Milton Keynes.

The court heard Sopp shouted “Yo Snoop” before fatally stabbing Mr Hashi, who was also selling drugs, in the thigh in the Fishermead area of the town.

“Lee Sopp killed him in order to protect his turf,” Mr Trimmer added.

Mr Trimmer said the defendant had worn a “Crusader-style” chainmail vest bought online “to protect [himself] from getting stabbed”.

Giving evidence, Sopp said he gave Mr Hashi “a little jab to his thigh”, claiming he “didn’t intend the knife to go as deep as it did”.

He agreed he had an interest in collecting weapons, such as crossbows, knuckle dusters, knives and swords.

“I just like weapons,” he told the jury, adding some were bought to “regulate my drugs business”.

He said he also had a chainmail vest, adding: “As much as I like weapons, I like armour too, like stab proof vests. It was to protect myself.”

He was cleared of aggravated burglary and wounding a woman with intent on the day after the murder.

The jury heard he had also admitted two charges of having an offensive weapon, possessing crack cocaine, possessing heroin and possessing criminal property.

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