Baby born in lorry cab meets staff who saved her life

Baby born in lorry cab meets staff who saved her life

The family of a baby who stopped breathing shortly after being born at 26 weeks in a lorry have praised paramedics who helped save her.

Gemma Greensmith gave birth to daughter Raelyn outside her Staffordshire home in June.

“We got into my partner’s work lorry to go to hospital but didn’t make it off the street,” she said.

It quickly became obvious their daughter Raelyn was not breathing and the couple dialled 999.

“They talked us through how to do CPR on the phone,” Ms Greensmith said.

“We both did a bit – I was pumping with my thumb on her chest and my partner was blowing into her mouth.

“But she was so tiny, you couldn’t barely see her mouth.”

The 33-year-old from Cheadle said she was absolutely terrified, then “relieved beyond belief” when the ambulance arrived.

West Midlands Ambulance Service paramedics Kirsty Lockett and Jenine Cryle took over CPR, with the baby still attached to her mother.

The actions of the parents and paramedics proved decisive, doctors later revealed.

Raelyn was eventually discharged on 29 September after 110 days at the Royal Stoke University Hospital.

“While we were in hospital one of the consultants managed to keep in contact with the paramedics and keep them up-to-date with her progress, so it was amazing to see them outside when we were discharged,” Ms Greensmith said.

“I will never forget what they did and will always remember them.”

Paramedic Ms Lockett said “nothing will ever compare to the feeling of meeting Gemma and Raelyn and seeing them happy and healthy”.

Her colleague Ms Cryle described the outcome as “once in a life-time” and one of her “proudest moments”.

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